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About Parsec Capital

Parsec Capital was founded in 2017 by a team experienced in investment banking, consulting and project management, connected with a deep network of venture capital and private equity investors. We are backed and guided by a supervisory board of non-executive advisors.

We recognise that the pace of innovation and technological change in the global economy is unprecedented, and emerging entrepreneurs and creative mavericks will continue to disrupt the status quo across all sectors. It is an exciting time to be alive.

We work with entrepreneurs and start-up to mid-stage SME’s where we can see a clear vision of how to take creative, disruptive and scalable products and solutions from inception to capitalisation and commercialisation. We partner with and advise entrepreneurs through the full venture capital cycle – Idea Generation, Start-up, Ramp-up and Exit.

Our service offering is based on three pillars

Strategic and operational consulting

Strategic formulation; operating model design, integration and implementation; market research; ongoing generalist and specialist support.

Financial advisory

Corporate finance practice focused on capital structure, working capital and treasury optimisation.


Co-investment and external fundraising, levering access to network of venture capital and private equity investors; fund management.

We are not constrained by sector. Our guiding principle is to find and work with smart people and entrepreneurs who display the creativity and conscientiousness to positively disrupt and transform the world around them. We believe in the power of fostering and maintaining relationships, growing networks and levering its exponential power. We have mandates with clients operating in – among other sectors – biotech, clean technology, financial services (fintech), and digital and experiential media.

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